First Review

Just finished watching Dick Figures the Movie and I have to say¬† it was everything I expected!!! Red was being typical Red and Blue was…. Blue.


It’s amazing that you can make a movie about stick (dick) figures entertaining and fun. Of course the movie is full of a lot of little stupid humor, but that’s what I love about this show.

Zack and Ed and the rest of the crew definitely put in a lot of time and effort into this movie. The animation was spectacular in the sense it was mostly created in Adobe Flash. The CGI was also done very well, but wasn’t over the top, especially the ocean scenes. I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack to the movie. Some of the lyrics are hilarious and you find yourself asking, “What did they just say?” and going back to re-listen to the track.

Overall I give the movie two big thumbs up and glad I could contribute to their campaign. I will most likely be watching the movie again when I get home on the big screen.

So far I’m enjoying Season 5 of Dick Figures and cannot wait to see what comes next!

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